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Proudly serving clients from Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton, Suwanee, and North Georgia.

Are you depressed? Stressed? Have marital problems?  Through individual counseling, marriage counseling or couples counseling, you can expect to achieve effective results that empower you to obtain the changes you seek in your life.

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COVID-19 Response

At this current time, and with mental health being among “essential services,” I will be conducting business as usual with some modifications. 

In an effort to maintain the proper social distance, I will be scheduling appointments in such a way to prevent any overlap in the office. To that end, please wait in your car until your scheduled appointment time. 

We will refrain from handshakes and hugs for the next few weeks, as well.  I will be going to great lengths to clean common surfaces around the office for everyone’s safety.  Aside from that, our goal is to not let the current situation interrupt the service and care you expect from our work together!

If you are uncomfortable coming to the office, we can schedule a phone session for individual sessions and meet via video conferencing for couples, if you prefer. You may also cancel or reschedule with no penalty, but PLEASE notify me, 24-hrs ahead of your scheduled appointment. 

Based on what State and local healthcare officials are advising:

If you have (1) recently traveled to areas where there have been ongoing outbreaks of Coronavirus-19 and develop a fever, cough, shortness of breath or gastrointestinal issues within 16 day’s of travel; or (2) if you have had contact with someone who is suspected or has been diagnosed with Coronavirus-19, please stay home.  

(3) If you are experiencing difficulty breathing or have had a high fever in the last 5-7 days, please do not come to the office. We can reschedule your appointment once your symptoms have abated. 

The basis of this announcement is rooted primarily in common sense, partially a courtesy to me and others, but most importantly, this announcement lines up with the current public safety protocols, given the recent escalation in Coronavirus-19 diagnoses, nationally and in the State of Georgia. 

If you are healthy—I am looking forward to seeing you!

Counseling Services

Through individual counseling, marriage counseling, or couples counseling, you can expect to achieve effective results that empower you to obtain the changes you seek in your life.

Personal Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a private and personal way you can confidentially navigate issues such as anger management, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, life changes, relationship issues, and so much more.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling helps couples improve communication and intimacy, recover from infidelity, stop feeling like roommates and helps couple learn conflict resolution and impactful ways to ensure you have a healthy and life-long marriage.

Can Counseling Help?

When is it time to seek professional counseling? Chances are if you are looking for Individual Counseling or Marriage Counseling…now is the time. Let this be the year you take care of yourself and get your life in order. Your life, body, relationships, physical, spiritual, and emotional health are priceless assets that need to be taken care of—and taken seriously.

Are you depressed? Stressed? Have marital problems? Through individual counseling, marriage counseling, or couples counseling, you can expect to achieve effective results that empower you to obtain the changes you seek in your life. Have you had multiple losses this year?  Are you afraid that your marriage or relationship is in trouble? Has there been an affair? Or do you want to protect your marriage from infidelity? Are you stressed out by all your commitments?  Do you have a hard time saying “no?” Are there difficult people in your life that you are having a hard time figuring out how to handle? Do you need to make some changes in your life, but are struggling with how to execute them?

No more procrastinating… counseling can help. Let’s get started. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Cumming, GA, specializing in the treatment of adults and couples that are serious about seeking the most effective, no-nonsense, result-oriented counseling solutions for their life and relationships.

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How Can I Help You?

If you are tired of floundering around and you are motivated to make the necessary changes to get your life in order, the search is over. I am honored to have the privilege and opportunity to serve you.  Please call 770-781-3793 or fill out the form below to schedule your appointment. If you aren’t quite ready to dig into the necessary life-changing work ahead of you, do not despair. We can begin the good work the minute you are ready. I look forward to our work together.