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Marriage Counseling…The most important decision you will ever make; second only to your decision to make a life-long commitment to get married.

When is it time to seek professional marriage or couples counseling?

  • When communication between you and your partner is failing.
  • When interactions are minimal, tense or nonexistent.
  • When you suspect infidelity or are considering it.
  • When displays of affection and intimacy begin to wane.
  • When communication between you and your partner is frequently emotional and/or explosive.
  • When there is real or perceived violence.
  • When the relationship has markedly deteriorated.
  • When you feel like you have a roommate, instead of a partner.
  • When “things just don’t seem right.”
  • When you long for a closer and more intimate relationship with your partner.

What To Expect During Couples Therapy in Cumming GA

Marriage is a unique, privileged, life-fulfilling, and powerful relationship.  Marriage is work, as most anyone will tell you.  However, most people fail to tell you what “work” looks like or at what point you should “work” on your marriage.  Clearly, this vital detail eludes many as the divorce rate booms at 51-54% for the State of Georgia, and over 40% nationally.

As your marriage counselor, and with your commitment to our work together, I will help both of you understand how to reclaim, heal and fortify your marriage.  Your communication will markedly improve.  You will obtain vital insights about yourself, and your partner.  You will also gain understanding and appreciation of your role in the marriage.  Perhaps the most important benefit of all is that you will gain practical knowledge on how to maximize your marriage, re-establish closeness and intimacy.  Finally you will learn how to protect your marriage against infidelity, “irreconcilable differences, growing apart,” and even prevent divorce.

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