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Marriage Retreat Weekend Intensives coming January 2024

Marriage Intensives are designed for couples who want results now. Couples Weekend Retreats and Mini-Intensives are designed to experience healing, conquer conflict, improve communication, build intimacy, achieve restoration learn vital information on how to prioritize and protect your marriage for a lifetime of happiness.

Marriage Intensives are ideal for busy couples who need to get to the root of the matter quickly rather than take several months working at issues at the pace of one hour a week as with typical counseling. Marriage Intensives allow couples to escape the distractions so that each spouse can give their undivided attention to each other and to healing their marriage. Marriage Intensives are also beneficial for couples who may be on the verge of separation or divorce or in severe pain. Often couples want to give the marriage one last try before making any decisions.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Prioritize and protect your marriage
  • How to avoid conflict, power struggles, and angry escalations
  • Eliminate unhealthy patterns of complaining, blaming, and defensive reactions
  • Eradicate dysfunctional patterns of shutting down, distancing, and avoidant behaviors by learning effective problem-solving strategies
  • Learn effective communication strategies that will improve your marriage & other relationships
  • Learn what a healthy marriage looks like and how to maintain it
  • Identify intimacy problems and how to cultivate a loving relationship
  • Infidelity recovery, support and healing
  • Disrupt dysfunctional thinking/relational patterns that plague communication
  • Effectively navigate trust issues, insecurities, feelings of betrayal

What you learn and achieve during your Couples Retreat or Marriage Intensive depends primarily on you. With the proper attitude, intention and follow-up you will know what a healthy marriage looks like and how to maintain it, develop greater communication skills, problem-solving skills, learn to truly listen, recover from infidelity, rediscover the peace, love, joy, that you once knew.

Fees & Programs


(Mini-Intensives are available all year long. Couple Retreat Full Intensives are available April thru August)

  • 1 Day Mini-Intensive, Plus +3 (One 4 hour session, and Three 75-minute follow-up sessions)….$1,275
  • 1 Day Min-Intensive, Plus +3 (One 4 hour session, and Three 90-minute follow up sessions)…..$1,425
  • 1 Day Mini-Intensive, Plus +2 (One 4 hour session, Plus Two 2-hour follow up sessions)….$1,325
  • 2 Day Mini-Intensive, Plus +3 (Two 4-hour sessions, Plus Three 90-minute follow-up sessions)…$2,075
  • 2 Day mini-Intensive, Plus +2 (Two 4-hour sessions, Plus Two 2-hour follow-up sessions)….$2,000

Payments are due in-full, 3 days before scheduled sessions. Payments can be made in whole, or divided into 2 or 3 payments. Payments can be made using cash, personal check, VISA or MasterCard or via Venmo. Credit card processing fee of $75 will be added.

Min-Intensive Sessions are conducted at my office or in your home. There will be a 90-minute break during Mini-Intensive sessions for a meal.

All follow-up sessions are to be conducted in my Cumming Office.

Couples Retreat Full-Intensives are only available March through June. Next Couples Retreat registrations open in January 2024.

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